Childrens Place

Get  your toddler boy trendy clothes at  Children’s Place and redesign his bedroom.

Keep your son looking handsome  and opt for Dressy Herringbone Vest from Children’s Place. A very comfortable and warm vest perfect for colder days.

Dress up your little boy for school and opt for  a Long Sleeve Blazer from Children’s Place. In a classic style to add a feel of sophistication. There are plenty of pockets for your son to store all  he needs. Vest is made from quality materials for long durability.  Comfortable and lightweight with plenty of  room to layer up.

Take a moment to think of ideas to redesign your son’s bedroom.

Consider a simple and educational room design.  Keep your toddler boy’s room simple and go for white wall, medium hardwood floor and a solid color area rug. Add stars on the ceiling and a lamp in a moon shape and get  a couple pillows with animal images. Consider  double blackout shades to help your son sleep well. Hang educational frames with almanac and globe images and look  for furniture in different shapes.

Back to trendy clothing. Go for cute and trendy look and opt for a print shirt in a classic style Long Sleeve Mini Dot Print Poplin Button Down Shirt from Children’s Place. Be sure your son will like the shirt’s softness and comfortable fit.

Make your boy look good on plaid and get a Long Sleeve Plaid Poplin Button Down Shirt from Children’s Place. Accessorize with  a tie and get him ready to snap a great pic for the memories photo album.

Stop and look for another bedroom design  idea.

Consider the contemporary take. Color the walls in a fun color maybe green or blue and dark hardwood floor. Add a large frame with a panoramic scene and  a mid-size patterned rug.

Go back to the Children’s Place and find the perfect jeans and opt for Basic Straight Leg Jeans in Dark Jupiter Wash. Easy to get on and off, and with an elastic waist for those unexpected emergencies. There are adjustable waist tabs inside for a perfect fit. Stylish jeans with a worn out look for versatile looks, whether dressy or casual. Comfortable and durable jeans will be a staple of your son’s wardrobe.

Find another bedroom design to make your final decision.

Consider a trendy design. Paint a wall mural of your son’s favorite cartoon character and add a  fun color carpet. Go for inflatable or bean bag  furniture and keep the light out with bamboo  blinds.

Make a stop at Children’s Place and get shoes for your boy.

Bring the dapper out of your son and get Bradley Shoe from Children’s Place. Cute looking shoes made from durable faux leather. Supportive outsole and midsole for your son to wear all day and feel comfortable.

Let your son dress himself easily and get him Slip-On Dress Shoes from Children’s Place. Shoes are perfectly stitched for extra durability. Very supportive  cushioned footbed with extra padding for a comfortable fit. These shoes have great  traction and perfect for playground playing. Your son will love these shoes that look like his dad’s and wear them all day.

Shop at Children’s Place for trendy outfits and update   your toddler boy’s room.